Individual Freedom through Privacy, Decentralization, and Innovation.

The PIVX Foundation seeks to empower the PIVX Community and its ecosystem. We have an unwavering belief in decentralization, privacy and community driven governance and combine that with the cutting edge PIVX technology. That mixture is our fuel towards individual freedom and financial empowerment.


The PIVX Foundation

TThe world, and specifically the blockchain sector, is brimming with innovators whose ideas can shape and change the world for good. Specific to PIVX, we have found some of the brightest, most passionate individuals in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space. The PIVX Foundation is here to support everyone who wants to help bring PIVX’s philosophy to light. Bring our pioneering tech to the world in such a way it is used for humanities continued betterment.
We as PIVX Foundation and our community hold ourselves to the same high standard as the talent we seek to cultivate and nurture. We carry the same ethos of PIVX itself – give power and rights back to the individual. The 17 Sustainable Development Goals help us in finding direction for a better and more sustainable world.
We are a small team, passionate about our work in these cutting edge realms of innovation. The PIVX Foundation was first launched in 2019, and revitalized in 2023.


Envisioning a Brighter Future

The PIVX Foundation is all about finding and building solutions for the betterment of both the PIVX ecosystem and humanity, with an eye towards financial, social, and human empowerment. To do so is finding and connecting with passionate, committed, energetic warriors. Facilitate and empower them to do incredible work simply by providing the tools and resources to do that work better, faster, and more impactful.
The PIVX Foundation provides avenues for entrepreneurs to leverage their financial resources, and help them to give back to the community. Providing access to the PIVX Network and Community is an important catalyst in that process.
Any pioneer who can span both the Technological as well as the Social Sector while contemplating regenerative time models should connect with us, and explore how we can include PIVX in that process.


This is How We Work

We deliver three types of capital to create networks of support for innovators.

Financial Capital

The necessary funding for growth:
- Provide catalytic funding that can translate ideas into action
- Invest for impact beyond grants
- Connect innovators to new potential funding opportunities

Social Capital

People and energies that expand and promote solutions:
- Raise awareness and credibility through influencers
- Enhance and broaden reach via communications

Human Capital

Access to expertise and support to strengthen operations:
- Provide strategic counsel
- Foster the exchange of ideas and best practices with other experts
- Offer operational advice
- Mobilize the PIVX Community

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